Strategic Plan

Excellence - Challenge - Participation - Development - Success

Our Vision

To be an admired sports Club in our community, being recognised for the quality and standard of the football products that we offer.

Our Purpose

To provide football opportunities for community members who wish to be involved, offering all levels of participation to people - inclusive of gender and ethnicity.

Our Objectives

• Be the best Club in the Eastern Suburbs area

• Prepare a positive budget

• Develop and improve our facilities

• Keep the Club in a strong financial position

• Conduct annual events within the Club and maintain a good social environment

• Maintain/increase membership

• Increase skill level of all players, coaches and officials

• Provide opportunities for players, coaches and officials to reach representative status

• Develop family involvement

• Attain QCM 1 Star accreditation in 2016

Our Main sponsors

trusts that support us