The Vice-President is the secondary leader of the Ferrymead Bays Football Club and has a level of responsibility for the running of the Club.

Responsible To

The Vice-President is elected by the Club members and assists in representing the views of the Club members.


The Vice-President is someone who:

  • Can communicate effectively.
  • Is well informed of all organisation activities.
  • Is aware of the future directions and plans of members.
  • Is involved in all organisational activities of the Club.
  • Is a supportive leader for all members of the organisation.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

The Vice-President:

  • Assists and liaises with the President.
  • Is prepared to step into the role of the President if the President is away, chairing meetings, etc.
  • Is a liaison person for Committee members.
  • Takes a lead role in organising the Club.

Estimated Time Commitment Required & Period of Appointment

The estimated time commitment required as the Vice-President of Ferrymead Bays is 4 hours per week.

The appointment of the Vice-President commences and ends at each AGM.

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