The Treasurer is the chief financial management officer for the Ferrymead Bays Football Club.

Responsible To

The Treasurer is directly responsible to the President of Ferrymead Bays Football and the members of the Club.


The Treasurer is:

  • Well organised.
  • Able to allocate regular time periods to maintain the books.
  • Able to keep good records.
  • Able to work in a logical orderly manner.
  • Aware of information; this needs to be recorded and stored for the annual audit.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

The Treasurer:

  • Prepares a budget and monitors it carefully.
  • Keeps the club’s books up-to-date.
  • Keeps a proper record of all payments and monies received.
  • Makes sure financial reports are available and understood at all committee meetings.
  • Shows evidence that money received is banked and documentation provided for all money paid out.
  • Ensures that information for an audit is prepared each year.
  • Arranges the audit.
  • Gives Treasurer’s report at regular meetings and when required.
  • Produces an annual financial report.
  • Is in charge of sending out accounts.
  • Is in charge of paying the bills.

Estimated Time Commitment Required

The estimated time commitment required as the Treasurer of Ferrymead Bays Football is 4 hours per week.

The appointment of the Treasurer commences and ends at each AGM.


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