Girls and Women's Coordinator

This role could be split up between two or more people, bearing in mind what is generally a volunteer commitment.

The following are essential requirements to be a successful Girls and Women’s coordinator:

Important Requirements:

  • To have a genuine interest in the development of females in football
  • To have a thorough understanding of the pathways of women’s football in New Zealand


  • Ability to effectively influence and develop others
  • A demonstrated commitment to female participation
  • Ability to sell the benefits of participating in football to females
  • Thorough understanding of the developmental needs of female players/ coaches
  • Positively promote the concepts of the Junior Framework in the NZF Whole of Football plan
  • Adopt the use of diversity sensitive language and behavior
  • Assertively challenge prejudice and gender discrimination

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

Responsible for:

  • Increasing the numbers of female participants
  • Increasing the opportunities for females to get involved and stay involved in football as a player, coach, volunteer, administrator and or committee member
  • To actively promote the benefits of playing football to females
  • To seek equality where necessary for female participants in football
  • To create opportunities for girls and women to participate in football
  • To actively promote and support female mentors
  • To enable the effective implementation of females in football development plans as suggested by the local Federation / New Zealand Football
  • To establish and sustain effective partnerships to create more opportunities for girls and women
  • To work closely with the local Federation and New Zealand Football Women’s Development Manager in order to implement regional / national plans
  • To ensure the increased recruitment and development of female players, coaches, volunteers, administrators and committee members
  • To identify, organize and promote appropriate training opportunities to support the development of female football
  • To support any female initiatives / events to promote female participation driven by local Federation / New Zealand Football
  • To establish a relationship with local schools to promote girls and women’s football
  • To complete a progress report to enable the effective monitoring and evaluation of girls and women’s development if requested by local Federation / New Zealand Football
  • To assertively challenge prejudice and discrimination

Estimated Time Commitment Required

The estimated time commitment required as the Girls and Women’s Coordinator of Ferrymead Bays Football is 3 hours per week.

The appointment of the Girls and Women’s Coordinator commences and ends at each AGM.

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