Coaching Director

The following are essential requirements to be a successful coaching director:

Minimum Requirements:

  • To have a genuine interest in the management and support of coaches
  • To have a thorough understanding of coaching philosophies and pathways advocated by New Zealand Football


The Coaching Director is responsible for the management of the club’s coaching programme and promoting the value of coaching within the club.


  • In conjunction with Federation football development staff, ensure all club coaches hold appropriate qualifications.
  • Ensure there are enough coaches for the club’s requirements.
  • Develop a budget to assist club coaches to potential attend Federation/ NZF coaching courses.
  • Provide all relevant information to the Secretary to ensure records of club coaches and coaching qualifications are maintained.
  • Develop an understanding of the role of sports science in coaching.
  • Arrange appropriate coach training sessions, locations, dates and times.
  • Be available to assist at games if necessary.
  • Foster a positive club spirit amongst all coaches and encourage them to participate in a sporting manner.
  • Enhance feelings of self-confidence and self-esteem within the club coaches.
  • Meet regularly with coaches to discuss performance and provide feedback.
  • Arrange for, and conduct where appropriate, assessments of the club’s coaches.
  • Encourage maximum participation from the club’s coaches.
  • Liaise with other Committee members regularly.
  • Have a sound understanding of the club’s rules and regulations.
  • Constantly highlight the club’s support of the NZF National Code of Conduct
  • Continually seek out potential coaches and recruit whenever possible.

Estimated Time Commitment Required

The estimated time commitment required as the Coaching Director of Ferrymead Bays Football is 3 hours per week.

The appointment of the Coaching Director commences and ends at each AGM.

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